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Therapy Group For OCD and Anxiety

Eight Mondays: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Starts January 4th
Via Zoom from Marin County

Therapy Group for OCD & Anxiety
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has consistently been found to be the most
effective treatment for these conditions. The same proven techniques used in
individual treatment will be employed in this group for adults.

These include:
‣ Implementing tools to deal with fear and doubt
‣ Taking small steps to expose yourself to what you avoid
‣ Stopping self-defeating ways of reducing your anxiety
‣ Altering the way you relate to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations
‣ Changing negative self-talk
‣ Motivating yourself to accept discomfort in order to pursue what you value

Advantages of Group Therapy

Social Support
Your suffering may be increased by feelings of isolation and shame. Here’s an
opportunity to see that you are not alone and that others are struggling with
similar challenges.

Increased Motivation
It can be difficult to face your fears and doubts on your own. In a group setting,
you can receive encouragement from others. You may even help inspire others to
change. The shared experience of tackling symptoms can be very powerful.
Applying more productive coping strategies is easier when you are supported by
others who truly get how difficult it can be.

The cost of individual therapy can be prohibitive. In the group you’ll work on your
own specific problems both in the sessions themselves, and between sessions. If
you wish, you can call on another group member during the week if you need
some extra coaching and support doing your homework. Group sessions cost
$95. An individual pre-group session costing $210 is required so that we can
determine if the group is right for you, and in order to review what to expect.

Dr. Dan Kalb earned degrees with top honors from
Columbia University and the Institute of Advanced
Psychological Studies. For over 25 years he has
specialized in brief treatment aimed at reducing the
symptoms of anxiety, phobias, and OCD. In addition
to working with individual adults, he provides
consultation for other therapists, conducts inservice training at community clinics, and teaches
seminars for fellow professionals.

Dan Kalb, Ph.D.
415-925-8511 ext. 2

Anne M. Cummings

M.D., F.A.C.P.

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